Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Artificial River Ch 1 - by L. L.

The first chapter of the Artificial River by Carol Sherriff is basically talking about how this small place is going to build a river thus the “Artificial River” they need it for many reasons. The farmers especially need it because they grow food and send it off but a lot of the times the food does not make it on time because by the time it gets there it has gone bad or has taken to long or something tragic has happened. By building this river the farmers can make the food travel quicker and make sure it actually arrives. She provides great evidence by letting us hear what the people have to say about all this and the farmers. 
2. The purpose of this is to inform us that they are building and a river and giving us the reasons as to why. I feel like no voice is really missing because we got the farmers and people voice and everyone seems to be excited by the new project because it can benifit almost everyone in the colony. 
3. Our work in class helped me understand the writing more because of the pictures we say. We saw how the horses had to kind of pull the boats all though they already had machines that could do it, it would just be cheaper if they had the horses do it. Also we see how their is two boats so maybe one was for transporting goods and the other was to transport people.
4. We discussed the authors point of view and how everyone felt about this river being built there and the drawing and what each one meant and represented but as far as how the people felt about it , they felt great because it would be quicker & safer to transport good and it would also make a lot of people money and it was just the most efficient way. 
5. I wonder if the women were aloud on the boats or aloud to sell as well? Also, is one side of the river for goods and the other side to transport people ? If so, how do they keep them from bumping into each other or how do they not get confused which side is which?” How do they make the stream of the river go a different direction than it should ?