Monday, September 25, 2017

Nathaniel Macon - Anti-Federalist by R. M.

Dr. William S. Price, Jr. presents Nathaniel Macon as a staunch, unmoving example of Anti-Federalist philosophies and political ideas. Dr. Price cites many quotations, from both Macon himself and his peers, that outline Macon’s political ideology, and show how in line and steadfast that ideology was, when compared to the general Anti-Federalist position.
Dr. Price speaks from predominantly the Anti-Federalist point of view, only occasionally referencing Federalism and its proponents. His argument on Macon’s totally Anti-Federalist views could be strengthened by the inclusion of how exactly opposite it was to the Federalist viewpoint.
Our work in class clarified some information that flew over some student’s heads. The class discussion helped explain the general stance of the Anti-Federalists, and, in turn, the staunchness of Macon’s personal opinion over time.
In class we discussed the small central government focus, and the opposition to the constitution, of the Anti-Federalists. We came to the consensus that these views came from a distrust of centralized power, for fear of tyranny and dissociation between people and their government.
We are left wondering; why did the Anti-Federalists, even when they were in office, fail to abolish or amend the constitution in any meaningful way? Who is the federalist equivalent of Macon, with perfectly unmoving Federalist views? And, why would those advocating for weaker or nonexistent, federal government run for office within that federal government?