Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Slave Codes of South Carolina by R. V.

In this weeks first reading topic, we were assigned the Salve Codes of 1740. The article we were given was a imitation copy of the original written codes themselves. The rules given to enslaved individuals were explained within thee as acts, each describing its own written rule created by the superior whites. The author is directing these rules towards other whites within the colony or province in order spread the word that they need to preserve their superiority among the African Americans. His argument within the acts explains that it is not safe for whites who own slaves to not follow these rules, in other words it is only for the benefit of the white population and the dehumanization of the black population.
The man who had written the Salve Codes of 1740 we can all assume was a very intelligent, slave-owning, white man ultimately explain that the white population would be doomed if they did not follow these rules. The Stono Rebellion was a main cause to give purpose to creating these laws. The rebellion took place in 1739 involving a group of viscous enslaved escapees fighting for justice against the superior whites. History explains that the whites did become very fearful and cautionary of the enslaved because the Stono rebellion proved what they were capable, violence an tyranny. The voice heard is of an authoritative and concerned member of the wealthy white population providing help for his fellow neighbors
During the in class lecture we discussed the many different types of punishments for committing certain crimes described in each act of the Slave Codes. This discussion definitely elaborated on the reading we completed prior. It helped elaborate it because the original codes of course were written in a text that was somewhat difficult for me to follow and understand so without the in class discussion I would have remained very confused.
In class we question what important factors were not included in these Slave Codes. My personal conclusion that I drew was that the author never did discuss any topic involving enslaved children and their rules, which I found to be very interesting. Another topic we questioned further was the currency of 1740 Providence America considering many of the punishments involved paying a fine for your wrong-doing. Not may individuals knew the breakdown of currency until the answers we fact checked using the internet.

Were all enslaved babies born into slavery or were they given a chance to not be a salve like their parents?
Where did the Harriet Tubman escape plan happen? When, or what year?
Were individuals from other nations such as Hispanics or Asians dehumanized in the same way Africans were?